Kevin Roach

  • Associate


Fredericksburg, VA



I am a local attorney with deep ties to the Fredericksburg area. I grew up in Stafford County, but have lived in numerous of the surrounding counties over the past 38 years. If you live locally, I am most likely familiar with your community and many of the people who reside there.

I adhere to the “client-centered approach” to representation. This means that I will always strive to build a helping relationship, one in which I will be demonstrably sincere, empathic, nonjudgmental, and honest. I focus on the client - on his/her problems, goals, and feelings. The client and I work together as partners. I supply the expertise and skills - legal, practical, and interpersonal - and the client sets the priorities and decides the major issues.

I mainly focus on criminal law and family law cases. If you have an issue that you need assistance with, please call me on my cell at (540) 848-4166. Let us see if we can work together to make your issue a part of your past, instead of dealing with the stress of it remaining in your future.

Areas Of Practice

  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law