Grandparents’ Rights And Pursuing An Active Role In Your Grandchildren’s Lives

Grandparents often play a significant role in the care and development of their grandchildren. Unfortunately, there are many instances where one or both parents of the children will go to great lengths to prevent grandparents from spending meaningful time or building relationships with their grandchildren.

Do I Have Visitation Rights As A Grandparent?

In Virginia, like many other states, the wishes of the parents often overrule those of the grandparents. Still, there are opportunities for pursuing visitation rights if there is an established relationship between the grandparent and the child. Although difficult to secure, these tangential rights can be fought for, earned and won in court.

Some common circumstances that result in the courts awarding visitation rights to grandparents include:

  • If a grandparent has spent considerable time raising the children, there may be a case for establishing custody if one or both parents are unfit or unable to care for the child.
  • If the parents of the children are blatantly neglectful, abusive or are otherwise unfit to provide a safe environment, the grandparents may have a strong case for visitation or custody.
  • If the parents suddenly choose to deny a grandparent visitation after a strong relationship is established with the child, a court may rule in favor of the grandparents continuing the relationship.

Although it can be challenging for grandparents to attain a guardianship or adoption, our team of attorneys can provide the legal resources to pursue those goals. We are litigation lawyers who are sensitive to the issues facing Virginia families, and know when to take aggressive action and when to step back and pursue alternative resolutions.

Helping You Understand And Assert Your Rights

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