Spousal Maintenance: Helping You Understand The Amount You Can Expect To Pay Or Receive

At our firm, we hear all types of questions pertaining to child support and custody, property division, and spousal maintenance. One of the most common questions posed is, “How much alimony will I be ordered to pay?”

Like any other legal question, the answer depends upon the specific circumstances of your relationship and divorce.

Whether Paying Or Receiving Spousal Maintenance, We Will See That You Are Treated Fairly

In Virginia, the duration and amount of spousal maintenance (alimony) you expect to pay or receive are dependent on a variety of factors. If you can reach an agreement with your spouse, you can avoid involving the courts. However, factors such as adultery, cruelty or criminal activity during the relationship can render negotiations a practical impossibility and affect the amount and duration of payments.

As your attorneys, we will review the details of your relationship as they apply to securing or paying spousal maintenance, including:

  • The standard of living maintained during your marriage
  • The duration of the union
  • The income, financial needs and obligations of both spouses
  • The age and physical and mental health of both parties
  • If children are involved, the financial costs associated with the responsibilities of the custodial parent and appropriate compensation from the noncustodial parent
  • Any monetary and nonmonetary contributions made by both parties during the marriage — whether you were the primary income provider or a stay-at-home parent, your contributions will be considered
  • The education, work history and overall earning capacity of both spouses
  • If you chose to forgo education or other career opportunities during the course of the marriage to help support the family

The courts have the power to order support payments temporarily or for an indefinite period. Payments may also be made in installments or as a lump sum. In some cases, a dramatic life change may alter the amount of support you pay or receive. Perhaps you lost your job, suffered a debilitating injury or you remarried. No matter the circumstances, our lawyers will help you secure a modification of your arrangement that supports your needs.

Your Trusted Adviser When Determining Your Spousal Support Arrangement

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