Child Custody And Child Support: Helping To Preserve The Best Interests Of Your Children

When going through a divorce, many couples can set aside their differences and reach agreements on the distribution of marital property and various other issues. However, when negotiating child custody arrangements or determining child support payments, the proceedings tend to be far more contentious as both parties fight to preserve their parent-child relationships.

Let Our Attorneys Defend Your Parent-Child Relationship

At Spencer, Meyer & Koch, PLC, we understand the value you place on your relationship with your children. As your lawyers we will fight to preserve that relationship, see that you are treated fairly when determining the amount of child support and ultimately protect the best interests of your children.

The Virginia courts encourage cooperation when drafting custody and visitation schedules. Regardless of whether we sit down to negotiations with the other parent of your children or take your case before the courts, there are numerous factors that need to be considered, including:

  • The physical and mental health of the children as well as the parents
  • The history and current status of each parent’s relationship with his or her children
  • The parent’s role in the child’s life
  • The impact of the separation on the child’s relationships with siblings, grandparents and other family members
  • If the child is mature enough, the courts will consider his or her preferences
  • Each parent’s ability to provide for the child, including special needs such as medical care or special education

Your Children Come First When Determining Child Support Payments

In Virginia, as in many other states, child support payments are determined according to statutory guidelines. As your attorneys, we can estimate your payments by valuating your income and making a case for the financial needs of your child. Although both parents are obligated to provide support for their children, your status as either the custodial parent or noncustodial parent will play into the amount you pay or your child receives.

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We are litigators who know what it takes to prepare a case for trial. We will aggressively pursue a strategy that protects your relationship with your children and establishes a fair support schedule.

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