Empowering People As They Face Divorce

If you are considering filing for divorce or have been served papers by your spouse, you likely have questions regarding next steps, how to protect your property and financial interests, and how to preserve the relationships you have with your children.

At Spencer, Meyer & Koch, PLC, we see ourselves as more than just family law attorneys; we are your trusted advisers. Just as each family we work with is unique, so too are the details of each case. By taking a hands-on approach to assisting clients, we can better understand and address the concerns and goals of those we represent.

Strength In The Courtroom: Knowledge At The Negotiating Table

For many divorcing couples, the thought of sitting across from one another at a negotiating table can seem like an impossibility. Although it may be painful, setting aside lingering bitterness or ill-will can make the divorce proceedings significantly easier. If you are unable to reach an amicable agreement with your partner, you place the power in the hands of the judge. Once in court, the judge may misunderstand your side of the story and present a ruling that fails to meet your needs.

As a team of skilled litigators, we know firsthand the pros and cons of taking a case to trial. We will inform you of your options and help you pursue a course of action centered around your goals.

Some primary issues our lawyers will help you address include:

Empathy Backed By Experience

To those involved, every case, no matter how big or small, can feel like a crisis. Our goal is to ensure our clients feel confident as we help them move forward. To do this, we extend an empathetic ear; we listen, ask questions and take the time to understand what you, our client, really want. Whether using our knowledge of the courts during litigation or extending creative options at the negotiating table, we will surround you with a team of professionals dedicated to your interests.

It’s important to act quickly once your divorce has been set in motion. Contact our Fredericksburg, Virginia, office and place our team by your side. You can schedule a consultation by calling 540-372-4046 or by sending an email via our online contact form.