Equitable Distribution And Property Division

When dividing property and assets during divorce, some couples are able to set aside differences and work together in reaching a separation agreement that fairly distributes their marital assets. However, there are many cases where ill-will derails these negotiations and the courts are obliged to make a ruling on how marital property should be distributed.

Understanding Equitable Distribution During Divorce

At Spencer, Meyer & Koch, PLC, we will explain in clear, straightforward terms the differences between marital and separate property, the factors the courts will consider when making a ruling, and how to protect your interests during negotiations or when taking your case before a judge.

Equitable distribution is more complex than simply determining who will retain the marital home or dividing up furniture. Perhaps you and your partner have interests in a closely held or family-owned business, own multiple properties, or have substantial debts that need to be disbursed — our team of attorneys will help you identify the character of the property while determining the fair market value.

No matter if you were the stay-at-home parent or the primary provider in your relationship, we will clearly outline your contributions to the marriage while fighting for the fair division of property, investments, pensions and other assets.

Protecting Your Interests When Dividing Marital Property And Assets

Even if you think that you and your partner can reach an amicable separation agreement, it’s important to work with a lawyer who can review property division and spousal maintenance agreements, help you look beyond your immediate needs, and ensure that you are being treated fairly.

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